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FREELANCE TRANSLATOR: Russian, Ukrainian, German, English

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TRANSLATION SERVICES: Russian, Ukrainian, English Translator

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CONTACT: Translator Alexander Saksonov, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Services Web-Site and Software Localization

If you are communicating in one language only, you are turning away potential customers. Open your business to new markets and customers! I'd be delighted to help you in it by translating your web-site from English or German into Russian and/or Ukrainian languages. It could be translation of the content of a site only or translation of the entire site, including graphical objects, banners and preserving links between pages.

An advantage of me translating your site is that I understand the needs and mentality of your target audience as well as yours. I have established reliable cooperation with leading programmers and web-designers who have proved their high performance quality by their products: web-sites, applications, programs.

You can benefit from an excellent return on investment for this service only if your site is adapted to be linguistically and culturally appropriate for the specific nation/language in line with the translation. This could be achieved only if it is done by a native Ukrainian/Russian speaker. Rates for this service are to be discussed individually.

Services Overview Translation

If you have not decided yet which part of a text you'd like to have translated or you need to browse through a number of web-sites to find the necessary information, I can offer you an overview translation.

I review and summarize the content and provide you with a generalized or selective translation for you to chose the part you need. Rates for introductory translation are discussed individually, but of course they'll be lower than normal rates for a detailed translation.

This way you save your money and time by getting and paying for that you really need.

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