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CONTACT: Translator Alexander Saksonov, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Services Interpreting

Consecutive interpretation implies pauses in a speaker's speech for an interpreter to interpret the said piece. This variant suits the best when you are on a visit in a foreign country and wish to have a conversation with your foreign friend or partner. It is also used in telephone conversations.

Simultaneous interpretation is most commonly used at conferences, presentations, meetings, when an interpreter interprets for a separate person simultaneously with a speaker.

If you come to Ukraine I'll be able to travel with you to ensure your smooth communication and understanding.

Services 3-Way Telephone Conversation Interpreting

You can use this service for any business or personal purpose. Hearing someone's voice is worth a hundred letters. Of course a telephone conversation cannot replace a personal meeting but you will have an opportunity to hear the voice and reaction of your friend, customer or partner that is impossible to do through the letters.

You call me and I connect a person from any city and any country. You can discuss any question with him/her even if he/she does not speak your language.

Please follow these instructions:

- Contact me and let me know the date and time of the telephone conference.

- Tell me the telephone number of a person you would like to talk to.

- Call me at +38 050 3860104 at the scheduled time.

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